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The World Of Warcraft Legion Pre-Patch Has Been Very Good To Me So Far

Kotaku - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 17:20

Not everyone is happy with some of the changes made to World of Warcraft in preparation for the upcoming Legion expansion. Aside from some minor annoyances, I’ve been having a blast. Being Squirrel Girl helps.


The Killing Joke Movie Is a Disaster, Right Down to Its Comic-Con Panel

Kotaku - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 17:10

The Killing Joke is a 30-year-old Batman graphic novel that goes to ugly places, especially in what it does Batgirl. And when folks expressed anger at Barbara Gordon’s portrayal in a new, controversial scene in the upcoming film adaptation during a DC panel, things got ugly in real life.


Digimon Tamers' Digivice Returns After 15 Years

Anime News Network - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 16:55
Corresponding card game also revived
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There's Certainly A Blue Beetle In Injustice 2

Kotaku - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 15:00

Maybe not the one I would have preferred, but Jaime is better than nothing. Take a look at Mr. Reyes’ even more evolving suit as well as our first look at Wonder Woman in the Comic-Con trailer for Injustice 2. How about those faces?


This Week In The Business: Don't Worry

Kotaku - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 14:00

QUOTE | “Worry is the gun to your head. It changes how you make decisions.” - Obsidian Entertainment CEO Feargus Urquhart on surviving 13 years in AAA development and how “I thought we would have been purchased by now.”


Nintendo's Shares Double Since Pokémon Go's Launch, Company Doesn't Change Financial Forecast

Anime News Network - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 12:30
Nintendo stated its "consolidated business results is limited" regarding the success of the app
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Aikatsu Stars! First Appeal Nintendo 3DS Game's Promo Shows Games Features

Anime News Network - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 11:00
Aikatsu Stars! My Special Appeal game slated for winter with original story, new features
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Media Blasters to Release Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito on Blu-ray Disc

Anime News Network - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 09:30
Release will feature no blurring; current DVD owners will be able to upgrade to BD
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Natsume's Book of Friends Season 5 Unveils New Visual, October Premiere

Anime News Network - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 08:00
The fifth television anime season of Yuki Midorikawa's Natsume's Book of Friends (Natsume Yūjin-Chō) manga, Natsume Yūjin-Chō Go, unveiled a new character...
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Sega Reveals Sonic Mania, New 3D Sonic Game For 2017

Anime News Network - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 07:00
Completely new "Project Sonic 2017" game for PS4, Xbox One, PC, NX ships in holiday 2017
Categories: General Anime

Crunchyroll Adds 2 Series of Re:Zero Anime Shorts

Anime News Network - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 06:00
Super-deformed spinoff airs after each new episode of main anime
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And This Is Basically Sonic Generations 2

Kotaku - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 05:56

Rounding out tonight’s Comic-Con event Sonic the Hedgehog reveals is Project Sonic 2017, starring old and new Sonic, due out holiday 2017.


Shigeru Mizuki's Showa 1953-1989: A History of Japan Wins Eisner Award

Anime News Network - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 05:47
Drawn & Quarterly anthology that includes work by Yoshihiro Tatsumi also wins award
Categories: General Anime

The New Sonic The Hedgehog Game Is Reimagined Old Sonic

Kotaku - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 05:33

Announced this evening at a special event during San Diego Comic-Con, Sonic Mania back goes back to Sonic the Hedgehog’s roots again, only this time Sega’s got some top-tier retro talent coming with.


Sonic The Hedgehog And Fantastic Beasts Headline Lego Dimensions' Wave Seven

Kotaku - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 05:00

This evening at San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. revealed the six game packs in Lego Dimensions’ seventh wave of content, including a level pack inspired by classic Sonic the Hedgehog, Marceline the Vampire Queen and a new Lego gateway build.


All Out!! Rugby Anime Casts Kōdai Sakai, Daiki Kobayashi, Daiki Hamano

Anime News Network - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 05:00
22 character visuals unveiled for October TV anime
Categories: General Anime

One Piece Film Gold to Screen in 33 Countries Including U.S., Canada

Anime News Network - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 04:39
Countries also include Singapore, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia
Categories: General Anime

Sonic Mania Announced for PS4, XBO & PC

gamrFeed - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 04:35

SEGA has announced a new 2D Sonic platformer as part of its 25th anniversary celebrations for Sonic. The game is called Sonic Mania and it will feature both a brand new world to explore, as well as reimagined levels from Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sonic & Knuckles, and Sonic CD.

You can view the debut trailer for the game below:

Sonic Mania is being developed by SEGA in collaboration with Christian Whitehead, Headcannon, and PagodaWest Games. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles will all be playable characters.

Sonic Mania is set to launch on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in the Spring of 2017.

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