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LIMITED COLLECTOR'S RESTOCK: Resident Evil 4: Leon's B-6 Bomber Jacket

New on Play Asia - Tue, 12/24/2013 - 03:33
RESIDENT EVIL 4: LEON'S B-6 BOMBER JACKETIn the award winning Resident Evil 4, the treacherous terrain of Leon S. Kennedy's mission demanded gear that could withstand the onslaught of dangers and haphazard encounters. This rare faithful replica of the custom B-6 Bomber jacket seen in the game is just the right item for the job.While once exclusive to the Japanese Capcom e-shop, stock is now once again available in limited quantity. Whether you're a fan of the series, a cosplayer who needs authenticity or someone who wants to be prepared for the coming cold spell of winter, this collectible offers aesthetic style and function; made out of polyurethane, polyester and real leather with a form fitting sharpness forgoing the usual bulkiness of a normal B-6, this might just be the last chance for anyone to own the jacket that helped take down the Los Illuminados.Sizes: Length/Chest Circumference/Shoulder Width/Arm LengthM: 63.5cm/106cm/48.5cm/63.5cmXL: 69.5cm/114cm/52.5cm/67.5cmBiohazard 4 Leon Bomber Jacket [Size: M]   Biohazard 4 Leon Bomber Jacket [Size: XL]   © 2013 OK to reproduce if copyright note stays intact. ...[more]