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The Nintendo Console From The 80s Made For Recording Gameplay Footage

Kotaku - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 20:00

These days, if you want to record direct video footage of a video game, all you need to do is press a button. But back in the 1980s, this was a complex and expensive process!


Miss Hokusai Film's New English-Subtitled Trailer Streamed

Anime News Network - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 20:00
Film about Japanese artist screens October 14 in New York, Los Angeles
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Japanese Fan Builds Impressive Gundam Model Using Only Legos

Anime News Network - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 19:45
One dedicated Japanese fan, who goes by the handle JAN, has created an impressive model of the RX-78-2 Gundam using only Legos. The model took about 1.5...
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Watch Us Play A VR Game About Musical Cheeseburgers

Kotaku - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 19:17

Rarely do I find a virtual reality game worth the hype, but Playthings, released yesterday, literally takes the cake. I mean literally—there is a lot of cake.


My Year In Gawker Hate Mail

Kotaku - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 19:12

I started working at in April of last year, and ever since, I’ve received a constant barrage of always furious, often antisemitic, and rarely coherent emails to my inbox. Reading these is, truthfully, the single best part of my day.


The Myst Team’s New Game Obduction Starts Strong

Kotaku - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 19:00

I still don’t really know what’s going on in Obduction, the new game from the folks behind legendary adventure game Myst, but I’m extremely intrigued.


Rhodanthe* Performs Theme Song for Kin-iro Mosaic/KINMOZA! Special Anime Episode

Anime News Network - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 19:00
Group made up of KINMOZA! voice actresses to release single in November
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Spotlights Tour Diary: The End!

Metal Insider - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 18:48
  Brooklyn “sludge/gaze” band Spotlights just wrapped up a several-week run supporting Deftones. It’s a dream come true for the two principle members, married couple Mario and Sarah Quintero. The band wrote a tour diary for us chronicling their two weeks on the road. In this final installment, the band play their last shows on the tour […]
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Sony Promotes Indie Game Full Of Seemingly Ripped-Off Art And Music

Kotaku - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 18:30

It’s not rare to find clones and ripoff games on Steam or the app store. The video game market is full of asset theft, much to the dismay of hard-working developers everywhere. But how often do you find a ripoff game that’s actively marketed by Sony?


Ask Dr. NerdLove: How Do I Become More Bangable?

Kotaku - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 18:00

Hello, all you spectral orgasm otters of the intertwebs. Welcome to Ask Dr. NerdLove, the dating column that can teach you how to overclock your love life.


Madman Streams 2016 Death Note Film's Trailer With English Subtitles

Anime News Network - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 18:00
Live-action sequel film screens in Australian theaters this year
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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's Most Annoying Quirk

Kotaku - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 17:45

I’ve been enjoying my time in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided so far. While I have no complaints about all the emails I can read and all the toilets I can flush, there’s one thing that has been bugging me about the PC version: the space bar.


Square Enix's Final Fantasy Tabletop Games Coming to N. America, Europe

Anime News Network - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 17:45
Square Enix is bringing the Final Fantasy TCG: Opus 1 tabletop game and a new addition,Chocobo's Crystal Hunt, to Europe in September and North America...
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The Division's Developers Delay DLC To Focus On Improving Troubled Game

Kotaku - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 17:10

Acknowledging that their game has major problems especially in its endgame, the creators of the once-hot Division said in a livestream today that they will prioritize the release of an October patch to make their game better.


Podcast: How Do You Deal With Backlogs?

Kotaku - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 17:00

Today on Kotaku Splitscreen we’re talking Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, my undying love for the Vita, and the Backlog Problem that so many of us deal with every day.


Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice's Animated Prologue Streamed With English Dub

Anime News Network - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 17:00
Demo launches; game slated for September 8
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Candiria release “Mereya” from forthcoming concept album

Metal Insider - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 16:57
Today’s a pretty great day if you’re not a fan of 4/4 metal. First we got a brand new Meshuggah song, and Candiria just released a song from their forthcoming album, as well as given out some information about what we can expect from it. While They Were Sleeping, which will be out on October 7th […]
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Prop Up Your Laptop With This Adjustable Aluminum Stand, Just $28 Today

Kotaku - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 16:18

There are lots of aluminum laptop stands out there, but this is the only one I’ve seen that can fold completely flat to fit in a backpack, and prop up your laptop at two different angles. Plus, at $28, its also cheaper than most alternatives.


Stranger Things Adventure Game Tribute Is Just Right

Kotaku - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 16:00

Mixing their love for old school adventure games like King’s Quest with everybody’s love affair with Netflix’s supernatural horror series, the folks at Infamous Quests cooked up a small playable slice of what needs to be a much bigger game.


Happy Thursday, here’s some new Meshuggah

Metal Insider - Thu, 08/25/2016 - 15:25
The Violent Sleep of Reason is what the new Meshuggah album is called, and we’ve known it’s coming out in October. Today via Rolling Stone, we finally get to hear what it sounds like, via their streaming of the first song from it, “Born In Dissonance.” It’s every bit as chaotic as the band have been […]
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